This Text to Speech free Software Will Take Your Videos to the Next Level

We know that hiring a voiceover artist can take companies out of budget. To solve this purpose we have the leading Hindi text to speech free solution provider, Speechmax. Speechmax is an astounding free text to speech converting solution that will definitely take your video to the next level.


Do you know how important is it to have a good quality voiceover for your video?

Voiceovers are recorded off-camera and are responsible for storytelling or communication or dialogues that accompany many video production processes.

Voiceovers are used to provide more detail to a character and generate interest in a product or service in television, advertisements, and promotional videos.

Having a good quality human-like sounding voiceover with a speech synthesizer will not just help you with voiceover, but will also save your time and money.

This optimized text to speech free online software cuts the audio recording tool cost, studio cost, and direction cost.

Speechmax provides an unmixed text to audio converter free voice in Hindi that is unique in the market. It has the ability to interpret a document with the correct Hindi pronunciations, sound, feeling comprehension, clarity, and enunciation that satisfies the basic criteria for effective voice over skills.

Importance of Good Voiceovers in Video

Today, more than ever before, online communication and marketing methods have advanced likewise. Customers enjoy simplicity and convenience, but businesses now need paperless solutions such as online advertising and video content.

New platforms are promoting online video content to showcase their brands and services. The emergence of short videos to illustrate items or services has hiked up the need for voiceovers.

When it comes to voiceovers or video narration, you'll have to get it done right. Although the content of the video needs to be seen and has to be to the point with clear picture quality.

But what about the audio?

The audio quality should be equally vital because it helps to deliver the message and builds the groundwork for elements that will get the audience's attention.

In simple words, a voicer will provide a strong boost to the noticeability of your video. For brands who want to create convincing videos to strengthen their marketing strategies, then voiceover is particularly important.

Why most Text to Speech Softwares Fail to Deliver

There's several online text to speech software available that provides quality voiceovers but somewhere lacks customer satisfaction. Know how:


Wideo text to audio converter provides a solution to generate the automated voices but fails to cater to Hindi listeners. It turns text messages to audio with speech API but it allows you to generate audio to a certain number of limitations and then will ask you to pay


  • Paid- $19/month
  • 10 downloads/month
  • 1.5-minute videos
  • 20 video templates

Natural Readers:

It is a leading text to audio converter in several languages but not Hindi. Natural Readers helps you to listen to your digital documents and notes but with limitations. After 20min/day it will pop out to ask you to switch to an upgraded version to avail more features and free voices.


  • $9.99 USD / month
  • MP3 Conversion with 1 million characters/month


Speechmax is a free text to speech converter that helps to generate voices for promotional videos, visual description, demo videos, etc. This requires no experience and no extra cost. Anyone can use Speechmax for freetext to audio converter to make quality videos with speech API. The user can translate text to speech free, download it as mp3 format, upload the audio file to the video editor, and bring life to the video and make it more interactive with professional and human-like sounding Hindi voiceovers. It helps you in:

  • Create narration for Youtube videos
  • Generate eLearning material
  • Public use and broadcasts
  • New Commercial AI voices

Speechmax is a brilliantly designed speech-synthesis engine that doesn't cost you a single penny for text to audio conversion solution and rather provides unlimited free service to generate Hindi voiceovers. The only limitation is you can insert only 300 characters at a time to convert it into speech. But that too you can deal with signing up and avail word limit extension.

Isn’t it a great deal to enjoy unlimited text to voice free conversions. Right?

How to Use Speechmax in Your Videos?

Convert Text to Speech Free:

To begin with, first convert your text into audio with Speechmax for Hindi voiceovers. For that, you need to type or paste the text in the blank text box on the website. Choose the desired voice you want for you audio:

  • Create Male Audio
  • Create Female Audio

Then, select on narrative style from -happy, sad, and excited to give your audio a human-like expression and feel. Now, click on the ‘create audio’ button to generate the text into audio mp3 format. Click on the play button to preview the audio.

And here you are ready to download the automated audio file from your email id. Just go to your email inbox, find the mail, and download the audio to sync it to your no-voice video and bring meaning, and value to your visual content.

Place it on Visuals:

Now that your Hindi voiceover is ready to use with a super optimized voice quality speech engine, Speechmax. You can use it for your video.

Just go to the video editing software, place the audio file below your video clip. Review if the voiceover goes with the context.

When you are satisfied with the audio syncing to your video content, you are all set to render it and save the video.

Upload and Promote Your Content

Now is the time to upload your video on several social media accounts, share it- promote it, and let it go viral.

Let your video make money for you!

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