No Voice Over Artist Required - Use Speechmax to Make Free Voice Overs!

Traditionally, we hire professional voice over artist to make our content eloquent. Everything to be evaluated and coordinated, from the cost to the availability of the talent, accent, gender, and language. At the end of the day, the cost and time commitment of hiring a live voice over artist can surpass your planned budget.

According to Peter Abraham: In India, there is no one-size-fits-all or industry-standard narrator voice fees. The cost of the narrator over for each production is determined by the scope and size of the project. For smaller projects, a voice over artist may charge by the minute or hour, or for larger projects, such as a movie or documentary, they may quote a fixed amount. However, as previously said, voice over costs vary from project to project.

Take the example below:

  • For a non-broadcast voice over narration such as corporate films or AVs, the voice over rates start from ₹ 8,000/per 5 minutes of recorded audio. Studio costs may or may not be included.
  • For broadcast TV shows or feature films, the voice over rate starts from ₹ 30,000 per 30-minute episode. This, however, doesn’t include the Studio costs.

Having said that, voice over can result in heavy costing in terms of money and time for the project. Let's know all the disadvantages related to human voice over:

Time and Cost:

Hiring a voice over artist can be a very hectic and time taking process. It is always difficult to find a voice that imitates the exact emotion and imbibes the character within itself in less time. Till the time you'll find one, you might end up spending a lot of time and cost behind the search for that perfect narrator voice.

Long Process:

The Recording is never an easy task. It takes months to get narration done for your project. It starts from writing down the content to searching for a perfect voice over talent and goes down with restless recordings in studios. See the process that you have to undergo:

  • Prepare Content
  • Find the Right VO Artist
  • Book Studio Time
  • Test Script
  • Record
  • Review Recording
  • Back to Studio to Filter

High Cost:

When we talk about human voice over, the most important factor is cost. Hiring a voice over artist costs 'too high to handle'. Recording studios cost you according to per minute or per day (if your project is lengthy, like a documentary, or movie), as mentioned above.

But today, automation is integrating itself into every aspect of our lives, often without our knowledge! We are surrounded by mind-blowing technology, from a simple coffee maker to something as advanced as Amazon's Alexa!

The best part is that these advancements are always increasing, making our lives easier. In the realm of ever-evolving technology, one such phenomenon is Speech Synthesis. Among this one phenomenon, we have Speechmax which is the best alternative to costly and time taking voice over activities.

Speechmax is a text to speech platform that converts Hindi texts into human-like voices for free. It is very easy to use and get your written texts converted into speech mp3 format within seconds. Let's take a look at how it works:

Speechmax is a user-friendly platform that makes it easy for everyone to use even if you're tuning on it for the first time ever. You just need to open the link and get started.

1. Type or Paste text:

In the text box, you'll just have to write the text that you want to convert into Hindi voiceover. This even suggests correct spellings in Hindi while writing and also lets you insert special characters like '.,!/' to improvise on pauses and expressions.

2. Select Voice & Style:

After typing or pasting, you can select a voice -male or female that you want for your audio. Now select the speaking style- narration, excited, happy or sad that fits the mood of your text. If you're a premium member of Speechmax, you get an additional feature to select background music to give an effective and attractive sound to your voiceover. It makes your converted voice sound more playful and dynamic.

3. Enter Email and Create Audio:

Now, click on the 'create audio' button to start converting the text into audio mp3 format. Next, click on the 'play' button to preview the audio. You'll get an instant AI-generated voice imitating your Hindi text word to word in human-like expression, emotion, and pauses.

Did you find it easy and quick as compared to human voice over recordings? Of course it is.

If you're searching for a platform to create longer audio then Speechmax is the whole sum solution to all your voice over needs. You can avail Speechmax Premium Plan to enjoy unlimited downloads and extended character limits with additional features.

And guess what? It would still cost you cheaper than a voice over artist and save your studio money with instant and easy clicks.