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Create high quality custom AI voices for

Make Audio Books at Scale
Make books alive. Speechmax Text to Speech online engine can convert any book into human-like audio in just a few steps. This feature helps Hindi and English listeners to get the content with the exact tone, emotion easily, and pause in the reading, just like a human narration. Speechmax voice is realistic. Integrate with digital platforms for live Hindi text to speech conversion.
Generate Voice for Game Characters
Speechmax text to speech Hindi and English has advanced AI-based engines that game companies can use to give a human-like natural voice to their virtual characters. Now, give life to the characters that develop engagement with the players. Integrate Speechmax with digital apps and software to establish real-time and personalized communication between players.
Create Audio for Podcasts or Radio/FM
Reduce time and effort in recording and editing voices. Create podcasts and radio/FM content easily with Speechmax Hindi and English free text to speech software. Targeting Indian audience, generate natural-sounding, male/female audio from the text. Create audio as per the audience preference in different speaking styles, tone, and pace and easily integrate with automation software.
Create Personalized & Pragmatic Ads at Scale
Customers prefer voice communications over text msgs, so a personalized voice integration gives more conversion. Use Speechmax text to voice converter to generate a human-like voiceover for digital media advertisements. A personalized and voice communication in Hindi and English on a large scale is possible with Speechmax text to speech online free.
Narration for Films or Documentaries
Speechmax text to speech converter has eased out the reading activity for you. Its text to speech solution helps to get a full film narration with a computer-generated voice. Now, even big film directors and scriptwriters use speech enabling techniques to lower their hassle in narrating film stories to film casts and crew members.
Voice Cloning
Speechmax voice cloning feature doesn't take much time to create a data set of the recorded voices and prepare a new voice model. Its AI helps the user to generate text to voice online in the exact same voice model and get a human-like, high-quality speech generated to their text in their own voices.
Article/Document Reading on Digital Platforms
Speechmax English and Hindi text to speech is beneficial to entertaining Hindi listeners with articles and documents reading on digital platforms. Its synthesized voice read-out the whole page that helps the listeners go through the full-length article and document texts. This reduces human efforts and serves the best for people who have dyslexia, learning disabilities, and low literacy readers.
Social Media Content Creation
Speechmax text to voice has proved to be the best software that has helped many social media content creators and influencers create unique videos with AI voices. This text to speech free engine performs a voice modulation to make the voice sound deep and attractive. Many content creators use this platform to entertain their Hindi and English audiences.
Branded Voice for Customer Interaction
Speechmax English and Hindi text to audio has promisingly contributed to call center customer care services. It has helped companies maximize productivity and efficiency with less cost to serve solutions to customers' problems. It benefits in handling lakhs of calls and communication to each customer, leading to building trust in the company or organization.
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Audio Book
Social Media Content
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Create Your Own Voiceover in Just 3 Steps:
Type/ Paste Text
When you begin converting the text to audio, the first is to type or paste the text in the text box. If the text is in Hindi, The application automatically suggests words in the Hindi language, and you can easily select the correct word. Speechmax also allows you to insert special characters like- '*! ,. ।'. It detects and supports your text with expressions and pauses wherever required.
Choose Desired Voice & Speaking Style
After inserting text, choose your desired male or female voice. Then select the speaking style (Example: happy, conversational, sad, excited, etc.) You can select voice and style as per the requirement of your project. You can also add desired background music. Provide your email id to get the lifelike synthesized studio quality voice.
Create Audio
Now, click on the “Create Audio” button to generate a unique human-like voice in Hindi and English. Click on the “Play” button to listen to the audio. By clicking on the “Download”, you can get your audio. Speechmax will get the best text to speech online mp3 for Indian voice.
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Thousands of people became active users of Speechmax in a very short span of time. At first, they didn't believe that it is a synthetic voice. Listen in their own words.


It's a nice journey you all guys started. Keep it up. 👍


सर SpeechMax बहुत हेल्पफ़ुल रहा है ।


सोचा नहीं था के वौइस् ओवर बनाना इतना आसान जायेगा | Thank You


मैं अपनी आवाज़ वीडियो में नहीं डाल सकता था क्योंकि मै हकलाता हुं | Speechmax ने 1 मिनट में ही मेरे टेक्स्ट को आवाज़ में बदल दिया |


The voice sounds great It is just like a real human is speaking and it makes easier for making videos


मैंने कभी नहीं सोचा था कि Speechmax Text to speech solution काम में लेना इतना आसान होगा | इसने तो मेरे स्पीच फियर को जैसे गायब ही कर दिया है | Thank you Speechmax!


Speechmax की हिंदी text to speech टेक्नोलॉजी ने मेरे बहुत से काम आसान कर दिए हैं | Thanks to Speechmax.


मुझे cooking videos बनाने का बहुत शौक था मगर आवाज़ अच्छी ना होने की वजह से मैं वीडियो बनाने से डरती थी | मगर Speechmax ने मेरी problem का solution बखूबी निकाला है | अब मैं बेझिजक अपने cooking वीडियो में आवाज़ डाल पाती हूँ |


Bravo! Speechmax has solved all my speaking and voiceover problems. Amazing technology Guys.